Digital archive Beyond the Bungalow covers British, French and German colonial homes

This digital archive covers British, French and German colonial homes in sub-Saharan Africa as well as other former colonies worldwide.

Dr Britta Schilling, Assistant Professor, Department of History & Art History, Universiteit Utrecht writes: “Since I am not able to travel and interview as many people in as many different areas of the world as I would like, I am hoping that this website will provide a forum for people with relevant experiences to upload their photographs and share some of their stories. I realise that a website might at first not seem to be the ideal medium for this age group. However I am hoping that it will be a chance for several generations – parents, children, grandchildren – to come together and talk about memories of colonialism through the memory of colonial homes. If people have trouble uploading items they can always just email or write to me direct.”

Dr Schilling goes on to say: “I would be delighted if you would consider contributing to the project’s latest incarnation and spreading the word to others who may be interested. It could be an interesting way of getting to know even more people with similar family experiences, but would also be a very important contribution to a unique archive for future researchers.”

Dr Dr. Britta Schilling | Assistant Professor | Department of History and Art History | Universiteit Utrecht |
Drift 6, 3512 BS Utrecht | Room 0.17 | | the Bungalow


#Beyond_the_bungalow #sub-Saharan #German colonies #French colonies #British colonies #colonial homes


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