Community spaces – what I found in Kiribati

Wonderful islands and their people, it was a privilege to grow up amongst them. The University of Cambridge Anthropological Museum is featuring Kirabati weaving and armour in April.

Journey into the heart of humankind

Excerpt from the book “Families of the World: East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific”

9 am  – “Ritang, take the baby,” says Grandmother. She goes to sit in front of her old rotting house and starts weaving pandanu leaves. Her own house badly needs repairs, but the leaves she weaves this morning are for the maneaba, the village’s large meeting house, where all decisions are made, in the presence of the elders.

10 am – Bakea goes to the maneaba with her neighbour, both women pulling their piece of leaf work for the roof repairs. A week from now, the whole population of Tabiteuea South, the neighbouring island, will visit in their canoes, and Tab North is getting ready for the great event.

In the village of Utiroa, the whole community answers the call to take care of the community house. This is the group’s central space, where…

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A visit to London Book Fair

It was a fascinating first visit to this book fair on Wednesday, where we attended several seminars, all of which were really oversubscribed which meant that there were crowds of people sitting about in the corridors or standing for the talks. Hopefully next year the organisers will allocate much more space for this element of the fair.

The talk Using Social Media to Build Community and Maximise Sales with Katie Clapham and Lynsey Sweales was excellent and set out some great criteria for overall business goals and social media planning.  There were good tips on effective posting, blogging and tweeting; highlighting the strengths and shortcomings of the various social media options available to authors and self-publishers. Lots for us to think about and judging by my notes, plenty of homework to do now too!

The seminar later in the day on How to Reach More Readers and Make More Money from Your Books with Oma Ross (author and Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors) chairing a panel of Adam Croft, Gabriel Mercer and Joann Penn, built further on this theme and talked about what was working now as the best marketing and promotion channels for authors and self-publishers. It was great to get such helpful advice on how effective certain strategies had been for authors, the protocols of social media and tips on what to avoid.

We also managed to find time to hear two fascinating talks; the first by the Turkish author, Elif Shafak, who spoke about the situation in Turkey these days for writers, including journalists, and the situation for women in Turkey. The second talk on Graphic Novels: The Last 10 Years and the Next was an interesting insight into this genre by the panel of Emma Hayley, David Hine, Steve Walsh chaired by Alex Fitch.

It was a great experience walking around the various stands, chatting to people, and soaking up the atmosphere of all things literary!  Towards the end of the afternoon, we decided to relax and talk about the show over a pot of steaming delicious Turkish tea and home made baklava in a cafe near Olympia…   Picture of Catherine Armstrong, Self-Publisher of An Unexpected Journey: A Woman’s Role (left) and her friend Sue Barby (right) at London Book Fair.

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Get ready for the ALLi Indie Author Fringe at the London Book Fair 2017

Have you heard about the Indie Author Fringe, organized by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)? This is a free, online global conference for authors, run fringe to the major book fairs: London, BEA & Frankfurt Bookfairs, broadcasting 24 sessions of author education over 24 continuous hours, so that authors around the world attend some live sessions, no matter where they’re located. There are also competitions, giveaways and discounts, contributed by sponsors.

The folks at ALLi have pulled together some of the top advisors on the indie author scene to bring you the most up-to-date self-publishing education and information available. Here’s the link to the Indie Author Fringe Speaker Page where you can see the speakers and topics we have lined up for our March 18th event, fringe to the London Book Fair.
Registration couldn’t be simpler, just enter your email address here and you’ll get all the information you need straight to your email inbox. You can also visit the event home page for more information about how to enter our Book Description Competition.
See you at the Indie Author Fringe on March 18th!

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Book Presentation to Centre of African Studies Library

We welcomed another distinguished guest, and her daughter Catherine Armstrong, to the library last Thursday afternoon for tea, and to receive a signed copy of her autobiography: “An unexpected journey. Life in the Colonies at Empire’s end : a woman’s role” by Margaret Reardon. Margaret supported her husband Patrick Reardon O.B.E. whilst he was posted in […]

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Book Review by Dr Joanna Lewis, Assistant Professor in Imperial and African History, London School of Economics and Political Science

‘This is one of the best set of memoirs I have read on what it was like to live the end of empire as a woman, wife and mother. Margaret Reardon has given historians a wonderful gift: a detailed and scholarly account of her experiences married to Patrick Reardon, OBE, as he moved around the British Empire as part of Her Majesty’s Overseas Civil Service (tragically dying before taking up the post of Governor of the Virgin Islands in 1981).

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