A book in the making…

It took three years to transcribe the book from the author’s original diaries, papers and her memoirs which were written on her return to England in the 1980s. While I worked on typing it up, researching, checking facts and editing, my daughter helped with the referencing and final proof reading of the paperback book and ebook. It was a great project for three generations of women to work on. 

It gave us the chance to meet the author as a young woman, when she was at the start of this incredible journey, something not every daughter or granddaughter has the privilege of doing so…

Before we started the project, and in order to understand more fully the context and times in which the book is set, I read several accounts of their contemporaries which helped with the perspective and editing process. I decided to edit the book myself, with help from my daughter, so that we preserved the author’s ‘voice’ throughout.  I personally found the final chapters about my father’s death the most difficult to edit, especially as my mother’s notes on this section were less coherent.

A friend of mine, who is an illustrator and book designer, Jackie Taylor, helped us with the book cover design and photograph choices, print and layout, and got us up to speed with what was required for a book to be used for academic research, which is what my mother wished this to be.

We used the services of an excellent all women publishing company, Head & Heart Publishing Services, for all the other aspects such as uploading and adaptation of text for online publishing and sales, including eformat.

It ended up being a project run by women, about an inspiring woman!


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